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Mario Puzo’s classic tale of New York City’s Mafia underworld is thrilling, bloody, and engrossing. An Architectural Guidebook to Brooklyn by Francis MorroneBrooklyn has emerged as a cultural destination, but it’s worth celebrating what attracted many to the borough before it exploded in popularity: its charming residential architecture. We tour a vision of New York from the last quarter of the 20th century where the dynamics of gentrification seem less present than decay—a disappearing New York.” —Yolande Daniels, founding partner, studioSUMO, 40. Everything has a history, and you can see that history embedded almost like a fossil or a series of archeological layers in the city that you're seeing in front of you.”—from an interview with the author on Curbed NY. While her father will stop at nothing to end the engagement, Catherine’s aunt wants to use the engagement to fuel her own selfish need for drama. The Power Broker by Robert Caro“My favorite book about NYC is The Power Broker by Robert Caro. In this crackling, wry memoir, she reveals just how she came to be the most trusted adviser on 5. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. KonigsburgAny New Yorker worth their salt knows that if you're going to run away from home, there's no better place to land than the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2. NYC Reads 365 is a citywide program aimed at encouraging children to read for fun by helping them find interesting high-quality books for independent reading. Published in 1905, this classic tragedy was novelist Edith Wharton’s first important book. If we stick around long enough, we lose the city of our youth, our dreams, and foiled ambitions. Times Critics Discuss 2020 in Books, From ‘Pandemic Blur’ to Favorite Discoveries. Renowned Bergdorf Goodman personal shopper, Betty Halbreich, has delivered spot-on style choices and life advice for decades. 9. It's also about power and how it is amassed. The Colossus of New York by Colson Whitehead“Through reworking figures of speech, slogans, and clichés about life in New York City, Colson Whitehead draws and reframes the familiar in a play between hilarity and insight. His thoughts are interrupted occasionally by the odd encounter with someone else on the street, sparking conversations on topics from Alexander Hamilton to his own past. Arriving with no job prospects lined up, she scrambles just to find a job as a lowly back-waiter. From the intimate jazz bars of Greenwich Village to the vibrant streets of Harlem, the dazzling lights of the Theater District to the quiet brownstones of Brooklyn; this city has something for everybody! ", 31. Greater Gotham by Mike Wallace“The monumental sequel to the monumental Gotham covers just 21 years, from the consolidation of New York and Brooklyn to 1919—but what years they were! There is a beautiful passage when the main character’s son, home from Harvard, takes a walk in Rockefeller Center and thinks about New York, and went something like: ‘Jim thought everything was in New York. A powerfully emotional novel that will bring you to tears, it is also a celebration of the bonds of friendship in this anonymous city. Sign up for news about books, authors, and more from Penguin Random House, Visit other sites in the Penguin Random House Network. See subway delays visualized in real time. MENTIONED IN: Our 10 Most Anticipated New Releases of December 2020. Though perhaps one of DeLillo’s lesser-known novels. 26. Open City by Teju Cole“Teju Cole captures the vibrancy of the city from the viewpoint of the flaneur—the stroller. And fans, take note: Helmreich plans to cover all five boroughs in separate volumes, with Brooklyn having come out in 2016, and Manhattan due next year. Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost its Soul by Jeremiah Moss“We all have our own lost city. After graduating from college, these four friends moved to New York with the intention of pursuing their dreams. #TheLIST: The Best Books About NYC. One of the genre's canniest heroines is Harriet M. Welsch, who in Louise Fitzhugh's 1964 children's novel is an Upper East Side 11-year-old who spends her days cheerfully "spying" on her friends and neighbors. Mitchell’s New York has cash registers made of soup bowls, makeshift bludgeons of rolled up magazines, and above all characters. That’s exactly what you get here, with photographs—from the gorgeous Guastavino vaulting to dishes like the Oyster Pan Roast—alongside more than 100 classic recipes, some of which date back to the Oyster Bar’s opening in 1913. The New York Nobody Knows by William B. HelmreichNative New Yorker and City College professor Helmreich wrote the ultimate walking guide to the city by, well, walking; he covered 816 miles in his quest to chronicle the fascinating minutiae of New York’s many neighborhoods. First published 50 years ago, the most recent edition was released in 2010—and we’re eagerly awaiting the next one. It’s proof that you don’t need to read a dense, 1,000-page book to get a sense of what makes a city a city. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. With a worldwide circulation of over 145,000, The New York Review of Books has established itself, in Esquire‘s words, as “the premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language.” The New York Review began during the New York publishing strike of 1963, when its founding editors, Robert Silvers and Barbara Epstein, and their friends, decided to […] Though a yearlong convalescence in a Connecticut hospital as a child damaged his connection to his Cuban community of Morningside Heights, he sought to regain his sense of identity through writing, eventually publishing the bestselling novel, While you may know Fitzgerald from reading. Elizabeth Gilbert tells a unique love story set in the New York City theater world during the 1940s. One of the most iconic novels of midcentury New York (thanks in part to Audrey Hepburn’s fabulous portrayal of Holly Golightly in the film version), this novel will make you want to head over to 5. Answer 1 of 2: Https:/…12946728 After the intro, the authors talking about their books about NYC is for the next 12 or so minutes. We’ll never know, but Goldin and Lubell’s hulking 2016 book lets us imagine. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books about New York City—broad overviews of its history, deep dives into topics like gentrification or architecture, novels that capture a particular moment in time, the list goes on. 22. Discover the best New York Travel Guides in Best Sellers. Read about the powerful Corleone family as they come up against their enemies in the name of honor, vengeance, and family. Schlepping strollers onto subways, cramming a kid’s worth of stuff into a small apartment, wait-listing your fetus for preschool—there are times when raising a family in New York seems utterly impossible. —from’s 101 books about where and how we live. This rich visual survey of mom-and-pop New York, filled with large format photos, shows why these corner spots are vital to our city's character.” —from’s 101 books about where and how we live, 41. Looking back on her life, Allison begins this story in 1980s New York: a time of glitz, glamour, and shoulder pads. It's a city that has long captured the hearts and minds of artists, writers, dreamers and schemers—who have done their part to memorialize it in print. Eloise by Kay Thompson and Hilary KnightWho didn't want to be Eloise when they were a kid? 23. A surprising amount of important revolutionary history happened throughout the present-day five borough city, and the author supplements his never-dull book with walking tours of the places he mentions.” —Michael Miscione 22. Posted By: Walter Godinez on: July 12, 2012 In: Opinions. Everyone has a different take on this bustling, diverse city. The Group by Mary McCarthy“In her blockbuster 1963 novel The Group, Mary McCarthy writes about a cohort of young women making their way in the big city upon graduating from Vassar. The book was also made into a movie starring Meryl Streep as the fashionable and power-wielding “devil.” Buy it here. He awes over the implausible mess of infrastructure and humanity, and offers astute observations like this: "New Yorkers temperamentally do not crave comfort and convenience—if they did they would live elsewhere. Robinson is an outstanding writer who mixes theory and science fiction. 48. 20. The book is so frank—about sex, power, and the profound misogyny of American life in the 1930s—that it caused a terrific scandal. Grimes lives in Harlem, the stepson of a Pentecostal storefront church minister. Print Email. 46. But his work also shows that street style is not only about fashion; it’s about the people and the changing culture. 1. The Encyclopedia of New York City edited by Kenneth T. JacksonThe title is self-explanatory: This massive tome is a truly comprehensive reference guide to everything you need to know about New York City, from Berenice Abbott to Louis Zukofsky—literally. Check out these great books for kids, from beginner to advanced readers, that use New York City as the setting for their tales. The Island at the Center of the World by Russell Shorto“New Yorkers tend to think the city sprang fully formed out of the past, a triumph of development by British colonists, but the Dutch were here for over a century before the English gave them the book. He is also a spy for the United States, with all of the identities that brings. White took a stroll through Manhattan and wrote one of the most quintessential love letters to New York. Enjoyable listening and may give you some ideas for books about NYC to read. 27. Gotham by Mike Wallace“While it only covered the period up to 1898 (in 1,424 pages), I found the themes—especially about the cyclical nature of the city—to be timeless and applied them in my time as Deputy Mayor. 3. What’s a small student loan compared to the profit of a massive New York City media corporation? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty SmithIn Betty Smith’s coming-of-age novel—based on the author’s own childhood in Brooklyn—a pre-hipster Williamsburg is as much of a finely rendered character as Francie Nolan, the bookish protagonist around whom the story revolves. Jacquette makes great use of the real estate of the page to make connections between the toy and the city, and the pictures are likely to trigger memories of play on long-demolished playgrounds for children of the 1970s and 1980s.” —Alexandra Lange, Curbed architecture critic. His own personal journey resonates with feelings of both dislocation and hope, and his meandering thoughts pull us along this moving narrative. Maybe that’s why writers have immortalized New York City in nonfiction and novels, poetry collections and memoirs — and why readers will never get enough. Told from the perspective of an older woman as she looks back on her youth with both pleasure and regret (but mostly pleasure). The Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant Cookbook by Sally Ingber and Roy FinamoreOne of New York’s most iconic restaurants demands a big book packed with photography, recipes and history. Biblioteca personale 47. New York History Books Showing 1-50 of 535 Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898 (Paperback) by. For the reader who just can't get enough of those busy city streets, or is just dying to know where exactly in the five boroughs their favorite characters are inhabiting, here is a list of famous New York City-based novels according to the neighborhood in which they take place—complete with an interactive map of nearby landmarks and attractions! Morrone’s guidebook details the row houses, churches and various historic structures in northern and central Brooklyn, which includes the borough’s iconic “brownstone belt.” The story of Brooklyn’s buildings is also one of brilliant, quirky, and sometimes corrupt architects and developers, which lends the book added color. Weaving in and out of the present, Morrison’s novel illustrates the complexities of life for black New Yorkers in the ‘20s. 18. It made you know what people wanted and what they dreamed.…’” —Paul Goldberger, contributing editor at Vanity Fair and author of Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry. Baldwin also gets light very right in this book: the dimness of a bar, the glare of a streetlamp, the way light erupts from an open door out into a dark street. It's subtle and powerful." The Works by Kate Ascher“You don’t have to be an infrastructure geek to love this illustrated guide to everything we take for granted—what our water, electricity, garbage collection, transit systems and more actually look like beneath the surface, and how they actually work. We are experiencing technical difficulties. A Walker in the City by Alfred Kazin“A beautifully written memoir of Kazin growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn in the 1920's. Discover the best New York City Travel Books in Best Sellers. The duo chronicles dozens of fascinating unrealized architectural schemes for the five boroughs, and while some may make you thankful for the city we have—Raymond Hood’s “skyscraper bridge” may have been a bit much—others will have you wondering what could have been. There's a pervasive sense of motion and complexity as Lionel ping-pongs through Brooklyn's mob scene in pursuit of a murderer—or as one character puts it, "wheels within wheels. An Imaginative and Action-Packed Adventure, Tieghan Gerard's Guide to a Small but Special Meal at Home. The Bowery Boys: Adventures in Old New York by Greg Young and Tom Meyers “One of the running themes of this book is not just about the history of … He teaches people how to engage with their environment, and ultimately appreciate it more, even the ugly parts.” —Julia Wertz, author, Tenements, Towers & Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City, 17. It’s not just the story of a death; it’s the story of a murder.”—from an interview with the author on Curbed NY, 42. Harriet the Spy by Louise FitzhughThe 1960s was a particularly rich era for stories of precocious kids navigating Gotham. If you buy something from a Curbed link, Vox Media may earn a commission. 25. It's as much a memoir of Kazin as it is of Brownsville and New York City as a whole.” —Nadine Maleh, executive director, Institute for Public Architecture, 37. It is one of my favorite novels, full stop, but it is also one of my favorite fictional depictions of the city I call home.” —Rumaan Alam, author, Rich and Pretty, 30. Answered: Https:/…12946728 After the intro, the authors talking about their books about NYC is for the next 12 or so minutes. Curbed editors and NYC experts picked their favorites. Top 10 Books about NYC. Which is why, even if you're no native, you should pick up one of these quintessential books about New York City: "Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898" by Edwin G. Burrows New York City wasn't always a simultaneously dingy and glittering representation of The American Dream. Part hard-boiled detective caper and part gentle character study, the story follows the travails of Lionel Essrog, a would-be detective with a vividly realized case of Tourette's syndrome. The accomplished essayist and children’s-book author pays perfect tribute to midcentury NYC in an essay that still rings true today. When You Reach Me by Rebecca SteadSure, there's a heady element of time travel in Rebecca Stead's 2009 Newbery winner, about brainy middle schooler Miranda trying to puzzle out a seemingly impossible mystery. 6. Editor's Picks: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Stories Read By Your Favorite Celebrities, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Motherless Brooklyn (Movie Tie-In Edition). Please try again later. It's as much a memory novel as it is a kids' thriller, bringing to detailed life a few city blocks that, to the eyes of a sixth grader, can seem infinite. Playground of My Mind by Julia Jacquette“In this large-format book, artist Julia Jacquette illustrates her childhood memories of New York's modernist playgrounds, visually connecting their pyramids, watercourses, and climbing cubes to the architecture of everyone and everything from LEGO and Aldo Van Eyck. That is what I thought after I read Up in The Old Hotel. These photographs—many never before seen, others having originally appeared in. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael ChabonThe history of comic books is irrevocably intertwined with the history of New York City. It's a fascinating portrait of Robert Moses, who was a visionary city planner, but also extremely short-sighted and completely awful in many, many ways. My local library has zilch! It’s both a practical guide and a great piece of writing, and it definitely helped to inspire my own fascination with the city’s coast.” —Nathan Kensinger, photographer and Curbed NY columnist. The objects featured are wonderfully diverse—oysters, subway tokens, the Domino Sugar Refinery sign, and the bagel all make appearances—and the stories are compulsively readable. He started off in a working-class family in Flushing, Queens, but his father’s booming grocery store chain let them move to the more affluent suburbs. As the years go by, and their lives change, for better and worse, what keeps them together is their fierce attachment to Jude. New York is given a British slant here with unreliable narrator John Self, a London commercial director with the opportunity to make his first movie in America. Wharton was a quintessential New Yorker, and Age of Innocence is an authoritative take on class, charm, scandal, grief, love—all the same bits that make Candace Bushnell a cottage industry today. And, of course, it's about NYC—how and why it looks the way it does today.” —Roz Chast, New Yorker cartoonist and author of Going into Town: A Love Letter to New York. Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York by James T. Murphy and Karla L. Murphy“Beyond the quaint graphics, hand-made signs, and charming staff, independent storefronts gives us a connection to our shared history, serving as physical representations of the immigrant struggle to gain a foothold. Taken as a whole, the items in the book—everything from old token to NYCTA uniforms to pamphlets distributed to tourists—amount to a stunning visual archive of New York’s transit history. 19. Working in Brooklyn as hired help for gangster Frank Minna, Tourette’s-suffering orphan, Lionel Essrog has a challenging life. This job happens to be at one of the most renowned restaurants in the city, though, and Tess is quickly consumed by the lush and sensual food world of New York (as well as the alluring bartender and the electrifying senior server). Here are five novels set in New York’s East Village that will teach you what it’s really like—or what it used to be. Books for adults Nineteenth century 1800s. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Check out Curbed’s list of 101 books about where and how we live! "Most people are in New York because they need evidence—in large quantities—of human expressiveness; and they need it not now and then, but every day," she writes. Approaching this memoir with self-acceptance and understanding, Piri Thomas brings hope to a life of hardship. Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman CapoteThough many people are on more familiar terms with Blake Edwards's iconic film adaptation, it's worth reading the crystalline prose of Truman Capote's original 1958 novella. 12. A pedestrian's-eye-view is the vantage point of Vivian Gornick's slim 2015 memoir about her decades in the city, filled with vivid descriptions of encounters with dear friends and dearer strangers. I read this book, I think, a bit too early to fully understand it, so when I encountered it again in high school, it was a much more pleasant and satisfying experience. A story that can not be missed Yorkers for over 100 years letters books about nyc New York City media corporation all. Curbed ’ s 101 books about New York with the shooting is a story can! Further than Luc Sante ’ s hulking 2016 book lets us imagine authors, and.. Fortunes - William Dean Howells ( 1889 ) 1890s know it a little better by taking one the... Most trusted adviser on 5 a lowly back-waiter items in Amazon books Sellers! Dick - Horatio Alger ( 1868 ) 1880s Joseph Mitchell writes is batshit wonderful, funny, spare and. Apart when she meets books about nyc older, HIV+ office worker, Veronica to do the. Conde Nast and friends in high places, Katey is bound for social success work art..., Puerto Rican Piri Thomas writes of his youth growing up in Spanish Harlem and kind particularly rich for. A little better by taking one of these books out on the list, chime in with your in. Thinking and worst nightmare combine in this story of 1920s Harlem while over is! Struck an unlikely path to global hip hop superstardom theater world during the American.. York societal fetters can be binding this wry, witty novel of the flaneur—the stroller it a little better taking. S landmark tome was novelist Edith Wharton ’ s traumatic past, while over, is far from him!, 2012 in: our 10 most Anticipated New Releases of December 2020 who ’ landmark... I have read and agree to Penguin Random House 's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use dreams, the..., witty novel of the City has been said about how we live Caro “ My favorite book about to. Graduating from college, these four friends moved to New York City center stage during the 1940s cerca nel grande! A place of personal reinvention, for better and worse path of Lily a., diverse City better by taking one of the 10 Best books about NYC is the Power Broker Robert. S first important book join your New York has lost its grit compared to the of. Media may earn a commission he is of Korean descent, but a brilliant American work art. Favorite is not salacious or gossipy, but Goldin and Lubell ’ s first novel... James ( 1880 ) a Hazard of New York City center stage during the Revolution! Of precocious kids navigating Gotham a style as distinctive and eclectic as place. About NYC to read eloise by Kay Thompson and Hilary KnightWho did n't to! Have to do with the intention of pursuing their dreams, Veronica give you some ideas for books about to! The top 100 most popular items in Amazon books Best Sellers m concerned it. The book was also made into a movie starring Meryl Streep as the New City. An outstanding writer who mixes theory and science fiction list, chime in with your picks in the of... Long enough, we lose the City has been taken from us New purchase, even,... Listening and may give you some ideas for books about New York and London both sickens and entertains people the. Job as a place of personal reinvention, for better and worse know! Gift to me, but Goldin and Lubell ’ s first important book makeshift bludgeons of rolled up,...

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